November was a very special month for me. I did experiment abstract and spontaneity. Those drawings are the witnesses of those 30 very special days. I exposed my deep nude self, but who has the key to decrypt them?







And two funny concrete ones, to prove you that my inner child is still alive





The kitten

  I was walking in the street under a heavy November rain, it was the 13th day of September. I was wearing a black hooded raincoat and I was completely wet. Who knows why it was not waterproof? My canvas shoes and my socks were sponges. I decided to remove the hood from my wet head. It was annoying, cold, windy, and my rendezvous was 30 minutes away. My thoughts were reflecting the situation: “why is it raining? Why this rendezvous? Why 30minutes away? why my clothes are not waterproof? why why why?” I was needing help.


  Almost 2000 years away from now, in Hierapolis, one of the hottest day of the year, a slave was born. He was not crying. He was under a heavy rain, the rain of her mother’s tears. That was how she was using her emotions, and this day was for her a mix of all possible emotions. That baby was watered like a plant so he grew up and became Epictète, the most free of all slaves, the most free of all men. He decided to teach others how to be free. His student Arrien, wrote this lesson into a book. Across the human history, this book was recopied by antics writers, by monks, it was printed, read, loved, hated, burnt, digitized, downloaded, and of course, sold by international major companies. One paper copy of this book was in the interior pocket of my jacket which was getting more and more wet. Fortunately the book was dry, but for how long?

   As I was unpleasantly walking in the rain, I decided to apply the lesson of my old indirect slave teacher. Can I do something about this situation? Well, no. I really want to go to that rendez-vous, I don’t want to be late, there is no umbrella store on the way and I cannot stop this fucking rain. What is not changeable by my will is out of my world and I don’t want to loose my time to complain about it. Let’s focus on my world, on what my will can change. My clothes were slowly turning into cold sponges, my head was hitted by hundreds of raindrops, but I was walking in the street with a big smile on my face, my book safely dry against my chest. I was focussing on my drying strategy as soon as I will reach the place of my rendezvous, 30 minutes later.

   At last I finally reached my destination, a small building in the upper streets of the Mont Valérien. I started to apply my drying strategy… I went to the toilet, used some hand towel to dry my face and my hair, then went to the waiting room, putting my sponge raincoat on a chair so my pants and jacket were drying slowly during the few minutes remaining before the start of the rendezvous.

  A few minutes later, an old man came in the waiting room and just said “-Monsieur Jacob?”. It was incredible, I was so surprised that I was just able to pronounce the only word “Oui” and to follow him in his office. That was Melquiades! He was a bit younger than the previous time I had met him in the book, but there was no doubt about it, I was now in the office of this incredible charming gipsy old man..

  He asked me to sit on a chair at the back of the room, facing him. I simply obeyed. There, I was sitting beside a big and complex mechanical instrument. It was made of a large sideboard which was extended by dozens of articulated arms. At the end of each arm there was several religious masks. Their eyes were made by sparkling colorful gems… Melquiades was sitting behind the sideboard, a reassuring smile on his wrinkled bearded face.

 I started to explain him why I was here, but he interrupted me rapidly but nicely: “I know François, you don’t need to talk, please just put your head against that frame, and relax.”. I was feeling so peaceful that I simply did what he asked. Then he moved one of the mechanical arms, to make me wear a mask of Ganesh. I was now looking at the old man through two small rubies. There was dozens of red shining Melchiades facing me. They turned a small crank that produced a little lied of Schubert and then it started! It was now a visual whirlwind. The twelve gipsies were turning around a little white moon which was launching small green fireworks on each side of my view. Each explosion of light was giving birth to a new spiral of plant: Romanesco cabbage, mint, cactuses and many more were all dancing around the white satellite. The smell of the mint was deeply penetrating into my lungs. I heard a small click and then millions of yellow and blue insects were appearing on the surface of the central moving moon. There were more and more, the smaller bugs were eaten by bigger ones, and soon there was only a giant surviving slug with lillions of little sharp teeth. It was now about to eat my head! I was so afraid that I tried to move my face out of the mask, but it was locked. I was full of panic, I couldn’t even breath! I was instinctively shaking my face quickly from left to right. But suddenly, the moon was shining very intensely and the slug collapsed and disappeared against it. There was no sound except my quick strong heartbeat. “La luna, trust la luna!” screamed the old gipsy while my eyes were full of tears. The only thing that I remembered after this, was Melchiades, a quiet smile on his face, shaking my hand while I was leaving his office….


A few minutes later, in the bus, as I was going home, I found a paper in my pocket signed by him and preceded by those words: “Une paire de lunette avec montures (+0.75/+0.50)”.  


To be continued …


Van Gogh Games

Drawing on both sides of earth!

It’s a kind of magic!

What could be the most powerful magical wound? A gold transformer? A teleport or invisibility power? Well no, there is something much better –> A wand that will transform sadness into happiness! Well you are probably thinking that this does not exists, but check this out and give it a try, hopefully u will feel our excitement and may it be doubled and doubled.

So what happened?

Little Miss Orange

I took a day off from work feeling burnout. Though I am cheerful, there are some days I feel so blue. Purple bear come across my mind. Red is for my anger, Blue is for my sadness. N Purple is my teddy bear. I put a ball next to him, but he is feeling empty n doesn’t feel like playing. I think I should put another mood to it, I put green and brown which…

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Hopper Game (on progress)

Midnight Muse

This post will record the progress on Hopping Game I play with my friend Vari.

Hopper game is the game where the first person sees an object and they describes it to the second person by words, and the second person describes to the third person, and so on. When it reaches the last person, the original object will be shown to all players, and they can see how far the original object has change through words.

This hopper game is the same, but using drawings instead of words.

I will edit this post according to our progress, until the game ends.

So, to start my friend Vari draw this image first


I was thinking this picture is so lonely without colors, and lately I’m crazy about watercolor. The petals in the picture looks like butterflies, so I want to add butterflies too.

This is what I came up with…

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One month of drawings…

One month ago I was deciding to apply my (art)working schedule again. So what was done? I don’t really remember, I don’t really remember what happen during those five weeks… I was drawing, but not really following the themas of each day…

Anyway, now here is what has been done. (not really sure if some drawings were done before or not, I guess I should add some dates behind…)










Just before adding those pictures to the article here is what I was ready to write:

« I don’t really know what to think… I feel void… Life is absurd, all of this has no sense… »

but finally, I feel better, by seeing them, I feel good. Those days were not useless!

About the process… Often I was having the « blank page syndrome »… I didn’t know what to draw… Important point : »What to draw? »

Here is a sum up of the main points of drawing:

1/ Decide to draw

2/ Answer to « What do I draw? »

3/ Decide « How to draw it? » (not 100%, keep some for spontaneity)

4/ Draw it (follow 3/ and add spontaneity)

5/ (optional) repeat (3)4 several times

6/ Look at it, think about it (then the drawer can discover many things about his drawing).

7/ Share it (optional)

Finding a theme for each day/session was not so important, now I will just draw, and keep one day for blog/sharing.

Don’t forget to draw!

Never throw a drawing away!

I want to tell you about a drawing. I really like it, I hope you like it too. Here is the story:

Some weeks ago I started a precise drawing of myself. You can see the eye in orange/red part, but something went wrong and I was not satisfied about it. So I stopped it and started a new one again. After hesitating, I decided to keep this first try (but it was close to go to the trash!)… Some days later, I decided to continue it… As the drawing was ruined in my mind, I was ready to take some risks with it, so I only draw some black lines in a very spontaneous way. And then I was so happy. A unique drawing but done when I was in two different state of mind, two different me were collaborating on it! The two styles make it less obvious and mysterious. And most important: never throw a drawing away, experiment on it! Be positive.


The toy shop!

Today, I want to tell you about something very personal. I want to tell you about a dream I was having very often when I was a child. First, you need to know that there was a toy shop just near the place I was living. For a 8 years old kid, that was like living beside the paradise! I loved to visit that store and, during long months, I was waiting for my birthday or for christmas, so I could get some toys from my family. I was a child so at that time, that was one of the most important thing for me.

The dream I was having many time was the following: In the middle of the night, when everybody was sleeping, I was waking up, alone in the store. That whole store, full of wonderful toys was just for me. Hundreds of toys, just for me! I felt that was the best thing that could happen to me! I was feeling such a happiness! I was so happy that I was running inside the shop, looking things here and there, hesitating between different toys… As I was almost choosing a game, I switched to another one that was looking better. I was running faster and faster, hesitating between many wonderful things but without choosing… And suddenly I was waking up before I could have played any of them! I can’t forget those dreams, such a happiness, followed by such a frustration and sadness! I don’t know why I was dreaming about it, but I have learn something very important from it: the focus. There are so many possibilities in life, so many things we can do… Starting to draw on monday, then playing with smartphone on tuesday, watching tv on wednesday, browsing on thursday, facebook on friday and so on… so finally not much drawing was done and I was loosing my time… Life is so precious, I don’t want to loose my time.

Sometimes, procrastination is just that there are too many toys in our shop… So, let’s focus!

A friendly meetup afternoon

The meetup some days ago happend in a private place. That was so friendly and Dov was a wonderful host (and organizer, but we are more used about it). The sessions started with a video of 4’33 ». This was a piece of piano by John Cage, and it is 4 minutes 33 seconds of silence. We were listening to it as an introduction. I liked it because it helped me to concentrate on drawing. How to draw silence? I decided that silence should be an empty white space, but I didn’t want to do just a blank page. So I drew many kinds of abstract motives arround a white rectangle. While we were listening to John Cage, I was trying to hear the many sounds that we hardly notice usualy (birds in the trees, a sound of a neighboor walking, wood greeding … ) So I drew different kind of motives, like different kind of noises… Sound were mixed, so I mixed the motives… Sound mixing, motive mixing, and there was as well fruit mixing (we drank tasty juices that day)!


Then, I continued to use low-contrast colors, with a some outlines, then some geometric lines.

IMG_20140413_215705 IMG_20140413_215602

Now I just realize there is a kind of link between those two drawings, and it’s much better to see them together.

I also drew some flowers on each side of a single page (the yellow green and orange were marking both sides simultaneously).

IMG_20140413_215348 IMG_20140413_215322

But my biggest joy during that afternoon was that some of my friends have drawn me!

Nathalie and Mona (and Picasso?)
Nathalie and Mona (and Picasso?)

I’m glad that Nathalie has drawn me using markers as I always do! And Deha’s drawing is great, we immediately recognize the three people on the drawing (Dotun, Catherine and me), even if the lines are very minimalistic.


I look forward for the next one!

A small experiment with electronic drawing

I was curious about experimenting electronic drawing more. So I have downloaded a free version of the tool « Zen Brush ». I’ve read that it’s one of the best (but they all are, isn’t it?). The free version has a limitation => it’s not possible to use ctrl+Z… Hey ! That’s great ! That is not a limitation, that is a feature that the commercial version does not have!


I like to draw people, but I don’t like when they notice it. But with the phone, no problem, they don’t think I’m drawing them. So here was the little game/challenge: in a noisy RER, between 2 stations, draw on a phone with one finger…


Here is the result of the game:









Finally it was more about sculpting in 2D than drawing…

Reading books, learning, watching videos, playing stupid games and drawing. I have so many things to do in the RER! Why is it only 2.5 hours per day? 😦


Link for the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.psoft.zenbrushfree


Noël avant l’heure… Je me suis fait plaisir!
Premier plaisir:

Une belle boite de feutres aux couleurs vives et classiques. Double pointe une fine et une large:

Deuxième petit plaisir:

Des couleurs pastel. Habituellement j’adore les contrastes élevés mais il faudra bien que je passe à un peu de subtilité un de ces jours…
Deuxième étape après le magasin de dessin: la bibliothèque ! Et cette fois-ci, au lieu de prendre un livre d’art, j’ai décidé de m’inspirer du réel… (En espérant dévier et arriver dans un monde imaginaire).

Pas vraiment un livre de saison… Mais j’ai envie de dessiner des insectes… Et dans les jardins, il y en a plein !

Donc, je me lance et essaie tout ça sur un papillon ! (Au moins c’est coloré !)
Voici le modèle :
Et le résultat :


Je suis heureux des feutres même si mon dessin est un peu trop chargé… Par chance, les feutres ont traversé la feuille et on fait comme un décalcomanie!

Un petit coté faïence qui corrige l’aspect trop contrasté et trop chargé du dessin original !

Et pour finir, une version noir et blanc assez mystérieuse !

Le jour suivant… Encore des papillons: