Hopper Game #2

François:  I have done a facebook page (here) to share the Hopper Game concept. If you don’t know what is a Hopper Game, please read this. Natasa, my drawing buddy from Slovenia was enthusiat to start a game with me! And so I was looking forward to see her drawing. I was feeling like  a kid who waits for a present, and like a student who waits for his exam…

Natasa: So, I had the priviledge and challenge of choising the first painting/drawing. I think it took me longer to choose something than acctually drawing it. The instruction was to choose a piece of art or artist that is not well know so the next person can not recognize it. I knew I wanted to pay tribute to a Polish artist, since I’ve spend an important year of my life in Krakow, Poland. I wanted to translate their artistic spirit, peace and inspiration that I felt from that culture. Also I wanted to choose something simple in theme, so Jan Matejko was out. I then chose Stanisław Wyspiański and his Helenka with flowers.


I took the motive as it is, and used very strong colors. I wanted the colors and strokes to speak about the Polish history and wholehearted strong people. I listened to my favourite polish music, whic is majestic, optimistic, full of life, the “joie de vivre”. As I dived deeper into observing and drawing, my mood changed, became more reflective, still, calm. I swiched to different music as well; softer, sadder, melodramatic…I noticed more and more details in the original painting, that I didn’t see before. It was a journey into the painting and inwards.


François: Wow, my first feeling about Natasa’s drawing was great. I like that kind of drawing that gives you a strong impression at the first look, it’s so immediat, that this impression came just before the brain can tell you what the drawing is about (have you ever notice it?)! Strong colors black and red, I really like it. Those colors where a bit like a whirlpool of strong dark feelings and thoughts. But at the other hand, and after better looking, this girl with a delicate face was looking fragile and sad… and her hand moving to that thing in front of her.. Like she was trying to touch it, it was addind mystery. Why she wants to reach it? Is she sads because she can’t have something? Good drawings are asking questions. First I didn’t know how to react to such a drawing. I was feeling a bit shy, because I was thinking (but I’m not sure about it) that this sadness in the drawing was linked to Natasa. So it took me a bit of time to know how to react to this sincerity. I also wanted to try to console her (or the girl of the drawing?). This girl on the drawing was also looking young, and I was thinking that often, the sadness we have when we are kids then disappear when we get older and wiser. So I was drawing a younger girl, with a big child sadness, that is being unable to reach candies on a table! I also removed the darkness and did a very light drawing… I also wanted to draw more things on the drawing, to stand back from the situation. So now we see this sadness with more wiseness, like something that will disappear when the girl will get older. I wish Natasa or the girl on the drawing will be encouraged by my drawing 🙂


My first reaction to Francois’ drawing was wao, it’s so cute. It give the cartoonish vibe and it’s so simple. I love simple things. He took out most of the color and the “messines” of it. It’s super desaturated:) I love the bold lines, the confidence in them. Looking at it some more, I noticed the symbols in it. The table is clearly higher that the girl, she really has to reach far. In the original, the girl can touch the vase. I love it how he filled the space, it breathes more. I love the French touch, there is Choux pastry on the table.I also noticed that one of the legs of the table isn’t like the rest. Maybe the table will tilt on one side, or fall?


And I see all the things Francois is saying he felt about it. The girl is sad and deep in her thoughts. I see she is on her toes, streching and reaching, what I interpret as growth. She is reaching for the sky, the colors and I hope that she is reaching for the joy in life. The thing is, sadness is a part of the life, natural and it also goes away to make space for other emotions. I wonder if we would really feel the fullnes of joy without knowing the depth of sadness?

With that said, I am very excited to see further progress, what the next person did with Francois drawing.

Oups! Nobody took the next step of that game… Any volunteer? 



Une réflexion sur “Hopper Game #2

  1. At first i was not reading thoroughly to the writing, but screening at the vocabs Natasha’s written, i get the impression of a thoughtful person, i got ghostbumps while reading it carefully today.
    Francois, as i know, quite sensitive to be able to sooth the tension a bit when we go too further, deep to our contemplation. I guess Natasa agreed by heart.

    Me, myself looking at Natasha’s profile picture in Facebook thinking bout a pretty one and got me drew what i post in our group in Facebook, Hopper Games.

    Last but not least, i really enjoyed your writing.

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