One month of drawings…

One month ago I was deciding to apply my (art)working schedule again. So what was done? I don’t really remember, I don’t really remember what happen during those five weeks… I was drawing, but not really following the themas of each day…

Anyway, now here is what has been done. (not really sure if some drawings were done before or not, I guess I should add some dates behind…)










Just before adding those pictures to the article here is what I was ready to write:

« I don’t really know what to think… I feel void… Life is absurd, all of this has no sense… »

but finally, I feel better, by seeing them, I feel good. Those days were not useless!

About the process… Often I was having the « blank page syndrome »… I didn’t know what to draw… Important point : »What to draw? »

Here is a sum up of the main points of drawing:

1/ Decide to draw

2/ Answer to « What do I draw? »

3/ Decide « How to draw it? » (not 100%, keep some for spontaneity)

4/ Draw it (follow 3/ and add spontaneity)

5/ (optional) repeat (3)4 several times

6/ Look at it, think about it (then the drawer can discover many things about his drawing).

7/ Share it (optional)

Finding a theme for each day/session was not so important, now I will just draw, and keep one day for blog/sharing.

Don’t forget to draw!


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