Never throw a drawing away!

I want to tell you about a drawing. I really like it, I hope you like it too. Here is the story:

Some weeks ago I started a precise drawing of myself. You can see the eye in orange/red part, but something went wrong and I was not satisfied about it. So I stopped it and started a new one again. After hesitating, I decided to keep this first try (but it was close to go to the trash!)… Some days later, I decided to continue it… As the drawing was ruined in my mind, I was ready to take some risks with it, so I only draw some black lines in a very spontaneous way. And then I was so happy. A unique drawing but done when I was in two different state of mind, two different me were collaborating on it! The two styles make it less obvious and mysterious. And most important: never throw a drawing away, experiment on it! Be positive.



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