Losing control

Wednesday 12 may, almost half a year ago, I was starting to follow a schedule for my art activities. That was a great way for self-motivation and for killing procrastination. I was following this schedule and adjusting it every month in order to improve it. Then came summer vacation and important events around my activity. That was like a « fast forward ». Social online activity, art exhibition in South Korea, and a new exploration of a new fascinating idea about link between man and computer. All those things are so exciting, I’m feeling I’m not drawing, but discovering a new world. Because of those exciting events, I had to deal with a lot of things. Then I forgot the schedule. This loss of control was an open door for procrastination! While asking myself in the evening: » So what should I do tonight? », the lack of decision impose the « by default » solution which is => « sit in the sofa, and do nothing* »! (* nothing = facebook, stupid games, youtube TV, and so on).

Losing control
Losing control

Of course I was continuing to create my series about fractals, but in a less productive way. So now it’s time to take my hands back on the steering wheel.


I need to adapt the schedule now, because my aim is to continue by exploring the fractal series until having a significant number of artworks to apply for a gallery.

4 days a week:

Mondays: Mutation time! Free-time => Very spontaneous drawings, various technics, drawing games, whatever comes into my pen => this is to produce a random factor that may produce serendipity! => This should be done while listening to music!

Tuesdays: Trying several ideas which I will write during the week on my phone whenever they appear(often in the metro), lots of quick drawings in order to have the guideline for a new artwork. (try with or without music).

Wednesdays: Focus on one artwork (from one Wednesday’s idea). That should be the conclusion of a « one-week cycle ».

Thursdays: Online social activities (facebook page, getting internet contacts, blog entries, …).

Let’s see after 5 weeks if that works…

See you in December !


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