The toy shop!

Today, I want to tell you about something very personal. I want to tell you about a dream I was having very often when I was a child. First, you need to know that there was a toy shop just near the place I was living. For a 8 years old kid, that was like living beside the paradise! I loved to visit that store and, during long months, I was waiting for my birthday or for christmas, so I could get some toys from my family. I was a child so at that time, that was one of the most important thing for me.

The dream I was having many time was the following: In the middle of the night, when everybody was sleeping, I was waking up, alone in the store. That whole store, full of wonderful toys was just for me. Hundreds of toys, just for me! I felt that was the best thing that could happen to me! I was feeling such a happiness! I was so happy that I was running inside the shop, looking things here and there, hesitating between different toys… As I was almost choosing a game, I switched to another one that was looking better. I was running faster and faster, hesitating between many wonderful things but without choosing… And suddenly I was waking up before I could have played any of them! I can’t forget those dreams, such a happiness, followed by such a frustration and sadness! I don’t know why I was dreaming about it, but I have learn something very important from it: the focus. There are so many possibilities in life, so many things we can do… Starting to draw on monday, then playing with smartphone on tuesday, watching tv on wednesday, browsing on thursday, facebook on friday and so on… so finally not much drawing was done and I was loosing my time… Life is so precious, I don’t want to loose my time.

Sometimes, procrastination is just that there are too many toys in our shop… So, let’s focus!


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