A productive procrastination

More than one month without a word about my schedule. This is a (very) long time. I was traveling for my vacation and spending many hours by doing « nothing ». This feeling of laziness is even bigger because the 14th of July, I decided to start a long project in order to produce a self-portrait. I have not done it. I was starting to study it, but I didn’t finish it. It is suspended. Here is the start of the study:

  • Self pictures (studying light)

Photo du 15-07-2014 à 21.25 #2 Photo du 15-07-2014 à 21.25 #3 Photo du 15-07-2014 à 21.26 Photo du 15-07-2014 à 21.27 #2

  • Then some lines

IMG_20140716_220337 IMG_20140717_091738 IMG_20140717_092633 IMG_20140717_092926

  •  Then three tries (pastels and ink // same in negative // watercolor)

IMG_20140717_093341 IMG_20140717_093410IMG_20140721_222620

You can notice in the drawings and in those drafts that I was also including the skull shape that I was discovering in a previous article.

But that was the (temporary?)end of this work. Why? There are two reasons:

  • Vacation: I was two weeks in Italy, enjoying sun and nature. Spending family time and doing some « carnet de voyage » drawings.
  • Digifun Art Festival! Some of my artwork has been selected to be part of this festival, I was focusing about it.

So I had time for work, and I procrastinated! But let’s see the bright side of life: I was not doing nothing, I was thinking, about drawings, about myself, about skulls and about the definition of art.


Here are my thoughts :

Idea #1  — Skulls

Skulls are fascinating. I was visiting the catacombs of Paris. So many skulls, real skulls, real people who were living in Paris more than 200 years ago… I chose and touched one of those skulls and I tried  to feel the connection with that person who was living in the 18th century, at least I was thinking a lot about it… I was touching his or her skull … That was fascinating! Will someone touch my skull after my death ?

IMG_20140731_110055 IMG_20140801_090136

I was also realizing that there are many art that were inspired by skulls… Probably obvious, but I guess we could make a much longer list!

Dark-Vador star-wars-first-assault IMG_20140803_232737

20647207 abus-airstream-casque-de-velo tf1-soffre-les-super-heros-marvel-et-la-saga-star-wars

A skull is the common point between life, death and identity… Fascinating!

Idea #2 — Art and science

As some of my electronic drawings were shown in Seoul in the Digifun Art Festival (see article here), I was trying to choose between focusing on electronic or traditional art. Tablet or Paper? Pixels or molecules? I like the touch of paper, but I also like the powerful image algorithms that can enhance images… Art is my hobby and computer science is my job, not really mixable. Those are like two sides of me that are not really cooperating… Dov, my friend, « teacher » and motivator, the one who has shown me how to open my eyes  inspired me this solution => I should reconcile those two skills. Those two parts of me should work together, not fight against each other. And the result is me, I will not copy someone’s else, I will walk my own way and will produce something unique (because we all are unique)

Generated by my java program

Idea #3 — When technology rules the world

Tablets, smartphones, connected objects, social networks, news 24 hours a day, video games, and much more, today the technology is everywhere around me. The big fear about technology in the 20th century was about robots that would be smart enough to control us. This is not what happen today. There are no clever robots, but technology is everywhere and mixed with the society. Technology has a big influence on our societies. It is changing us. Technology improvement is so fast now, that is arrives, we are not prepared to it, then mankind adapt to it… We are ruled by technology, not because it is clever, but because it is new and powerful. We are adapting to it, and the main force of the mankind evolution today is the adaptation to technology.

Technology is guiding us so, I will use it as a tool and an inspiration.


Last sunday, I was in a meetup in a parc in Paris. Dov asked me to draw the leaves of a tree. It’s always so hard to draw a tree. We were exchanging two words about it, he used the word « fractal ». This was a great opportunity, I will draw like a computer. I will draw the leaves the way computers are drawing it!




Not finished, the upper left white will be filled in black

Wow, it’s working! Usually a computer is programmed to draw like a human. I am a human and I was drawing like a computer ! Is computer my teacher? I told you, technology rules the world!

To be continued…


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