Feedback #2

Two months ago, I’ve jumped into a new process. The main idea was to draw more and to kill procrastination. The beginning of this story is here. After one month, I’ve done a feedback about it and I’ve changed the process according to this one month experiment. The details are there. Then another month was spent. And now it’s time to see what happened!

What was planned:

  • 4 paintings
  • 4 studies
  • 4 long drawings
  • 4 blog evenings

What was done:

  •  3 paintings:

IMG_20140617_222921 IMG_20140624_223149 IMG_20140701_215745


  • 3 long drawings

IMG_20140619_215915 IMG_20140626_222209 IMG_20140706_222226


And I guess, the rest is about studies…

Some zentangle:


About a great movie: Sonatine.


Another good movie: True Grit.


Still Sonatine


Some tries about Ray Charles:

IMG_20140623_222545 IMG_20140623_215324 IMG_20140623_215236


Here are the good points:

– After two months, I like how my lines are getting better.

– 75% of the scheduled days were really used for draw. (I do not want 100%, because then pressure is too big).

– The new planning => sunday/monday + wednesday/thursday is much better, because there is a day « off » in the middle and it is working well.

– The compositions are getting better (but still need to work on it)

– A new game came out of this: each time I see a good movie, I do a drawing of it, then I send it to my (expert cinema) friend Christophe who tries to guess what movie it is! This is a lot of fun for him and for me.


Bad points:

In fact, there is only one, but it’s a big one: I have the feeling of going round in circles… Those are mostly one-shot exercices. I want to try a long term project, something bigger than just a drawing or just a painting, so at the end of the month, I can say: wow! that was a real big work. When I will be working, I will not start over from a blank page, but will continue on a big work, continue on a long way (not just a simple short trip, but a real long one!).


So, now the question is « What long duration project? » 

Another point is => in 3 weeks I will be in vacation, which could be a problem to continue the schedule…

So, here are the adjustments for this time:

  • 3 weeks iteration instead of 4.
  • Those 3 weeks are dedicated to a project, let’s call it « Project alpha » (Sounds very secret, isn’t it?)
  • Blog evenings will be dedicated to blog or paper write about its progress and how things are working well or not.
  • Studies will be dedicated to do some tries (about composition, colors, lines or shapes or anything related to the project)
  • Long drawing could be used to try some prototypes of the project spontaneous tries.
  • Paintings will have the final project, a « beta version », and maybe another painting version (watercolor vs acrylics)

So what? What will be the subject of « Project Alpha »?

Hmmm, let me take a look around: I see, a fridge, a table, a computer… and myself! Well I think I’m more interesting than a fridge or a computer, so I will work on  a portrait of me !



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