Numeric art

Today I am thinking about numeric art versus non numeric art. Non numeric art is using traditional tools… paper, painting, pencils… Numeric art is using computers, files, image processing… But today I realize that often, I am using both of those technics together.

Let’s illustrate it with a few examples



  • Kieth Haring

Here is a drawing I’ve done about a Keith Haring statue that was exposed in 104 (a public cultural space in Paris).

traditional art
traditional art

Then I had an idea about it, I wanted to continue and to move the red surfaces to mutate it into a crazy thing. Here is the result:

Do you still recognize it?
numeric art

I like how my brain is fighting to understand it !

So what about it? It is numeric but it has been drawn on a piece of paper with traditional tools… Things are not just only black or white… How about exploring the millions of grey colors?



  • Image treatment

Screen printing was used a lot by artists (like Warhole) to produce series of variations from a single work. Image treatment is also a great tool to produce variations from an original work. Here is an example I did:

original drawing
Real drawing
variation 2
Virtual variation 1
variation 3
Virtual variation 2
variation 4
Virtual variation 3
variation 5
Virtual variation 4
variation 6
Virtual variation 5







































  • Expressing with filters




  • Positive and Negative

Sometimes this negative world is much better than the original one !

real positive painting
Real positive painting
Virtual negative image
Virtual negative image
Real positive
Real positive
virtual negative
Virtual negative
Real positive
Real positive
Virtual negative
Virtual negative




  • Image enhancement

I sometimes also use electronic tools to enhance images:

– producing real black and real white:

real black and white
Virtual real black and white

– using hue, contrast, and picture noise:

Google 3 skuls
Google 3 skulls


So Numeric tools came very naturally into the creation process. This is how it is in 2014!


2 réflexions sur “Numeric art

  1. your posts are so fascinating!
    I adore the works you publish, but even better I adore the ideas,
    my favorites are the Keith harrins, and the two jesuses.
    your experiments are inspirational and creative…
    can’t wait to read your next post 😊

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