One month ago, I was setting to myself a new drawing schedule (see here). After one month, now it’s time  1 -to feedback 2- to do changes in the planning for next month.

What was planned:

– 5 painting sessions

– 5 long drawing sessions

– 4 blog reading/writing evenings

– 4 studies of a special aspect


What was done:

4 paintings:

IMG_20140514_211021 IMG_20140521_225251 IMG_20140529_224055 IMG_20140606_235811

All of them was done with acrylics. I’ve learn that a uniform background is sometimes a good thing… making it less uniform (it happen by accident) is even better to add some mystery, or to make it less obvious. It was not easy to paint small things. The fourth painting is not so good (despite the model i used is a masterpiece), but the global shape is interesting(like a big spade in the middle). This gives some structure to the painting and first catch the eye. I’m happy about this idea and I will explore it in the future.

5 long drawing sessions

IMG_20140515_222808 IMG_20140522_233412 IMG_20140601_225617 IMG_20140609_230014 IMG_20140612_223941

This is what I like more. I like because, because of the « flow » mental state it involves. Then I can do long detailed things. It sometimes takes a long time to perform  a uniform color shape.Sometimes it was not easy to know exactly what to draw. The last two of them were done mainly for my kid.

4 Blog reading/writing  

I am happy of the first article. To write about the process is good to take time to think about it and probably to progress.

4 studies of a special aspect

It was very interesting about the skull studies and the body parts. I think this slightly influence the lines of my other drawings. That was not easy to find a subject each time and to be spontaneous.


Good points:

– I did much more drawing than if I didn’t schedule those evenings.

– I’m happy about them.

– The fact to draw regularly make it continuous (I don’t start from zero again between two drawing sessions)


Bad points:

– Only 80% of the schedule was done.

– Sometimes I had to cancel a session, but then I was late and I had some backlog. This was not a good sensation.

– That was not easy to find an idea each time.


Improvements for next month:

=> when a session is cancelled, then I will not do it at all (to avoid backlog).

=> the blog session will also be dedicated to inspiration (i.e. to find some ideas for sessions of the week).

=> planning changed a bit :

– sunday: blog (and preparing week sessions)

– monday: study (more spontaneous).

– tuesday: painting

-wednesday: rest (maybe a movie he he he).

-thursday: long drawing.

– friday and saturday: nothing (i.e. weekend).


Of course I will also draw in addition of the scheduled sessions 🙂

Next feedback in one month 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading this.


3 réflexions sur “Feedback

  1. What do you mean enjoyed it, I LOVE it!
    Will write more later…
    I feel I unleashed an agile monster… a drawing Godzilla (you can guess where this comes from 🙂

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