Heigh ho!

Here is the result of some drawings done in the past days. Now I apply a pre-defined schedule.  The idea is « Draw, then inspiration will come » instead of « Wait inspiration, then draw ». I’ve started it wednesday 12 may:

Now I will work 4 evenings per weeks with the following themes:

  •  mondays => read other drawers blogs, write about drawings (on real paper, sorry)
  • tuesdays => study a special aspect (line, surface, colors, …) => spontaneous and repetitive
  • wednesdays => painting
  • thursdays => a unique drawing (careful long work)

Then in one month I will look behind and change it according to what happend.


Here is the result of those sessions:

Wednesday May 14
Wednesday May 14

Some abstract… The background was not very good (I didn’t know how to paint acrylic well).

Negative (made with computer)
Negative (made with computer)

Then tuesday May 15:

The drawing from the photo (markers)

The drawing (markers)

Tuesday May 20
Tuesday May 20 (skull study part 1)

This is part of a study about the shape of a skull. Done the word google with it (do you see the 3 skulls?).


Skull study
Skull study part 2
Wednesday May 21
Wednesday May 21
thursday may 22
thursday may 22


Drawing (even when I don’t want to) instead of waiting inspiration seem to be a good way to kill procrastination! I will see if it continues to work well in the future!



12 réflexions sur “Heigh ho!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! But now we have a problem. You are my master too, so we are in a circular reference! Virtuous circle?

    1. Yeah, skulls everywhere! And I plan to visit catacombs of Paris soon, so I will saturate my eyes with skulls and bones. That will go somewhere, but I don’t know where …

  1. This is amaziiiiiing Francois!I see how it is similar to what you do in meetups, but it is different. I love every single one of them!!!And yes, like Dov said, it get tiring saying that every time.:)The background in the first two, I like like like, it gives texture and interest just how it is!And mama pig, just awesome!!!Was that an inspiration from an artist?

    1. Thank you for your so nice comment, I’m really happy reading it.

      About mama pig, the inspiration came from a real serious anatomic drawing of a pig:
      I found that the black shape was really stunning and I decided to use that but to change colors inside for crazy colors (and to take some freedom with real anatomy) . I will go further and use that idea with shapes of people (and/or animals) in situation… ( => to be continued! )

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